[Translated article] Safety in Dermatologic Procedures: Ophthalmologic Complications

Seguridad en procedimientos dermatológicos: complicaciones oftalmológicas

Ophthalmological complications are uncommon in dermatologic surgery. Nonetheless, all surgeons should know the basics of recognizing, preventing, and treating the 4 complications addressed in this article from the series ‘Safety in Dermatologic Procedures’. The first complication that surgeons should be familiar with is eye damage due to chemical irritants. This is a common complication in operating rooms given the presence of irritant substances and the performance of procedures in the eyebrow and eyelid region. The second complication is laser-induced eye damage. In this case, eye protection with safety glasses or eye caps is crucial. The third complication is accidental eyeball perforation, which can occur during certain surgical procedures. The fourth and final complication is retinal artery vasospasm or embolism due to drugs or filler materials. This complication is rare but important to recognize, as early treatment can prevent permanent blindness.

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