[Translated article] Moderate to Severe Psoriasis in Pediatric and Young Patients: The BIOBADADERM Registry Experience

Psoriasis moderada-grave en pacientes pediátricos y jóvenes: experiencia en el registro BIOBADADERM

Childhood-onset psoriasis generally follows an indolent course but patients with moderate or severe disease may require systemic treatment. The aim of this study was to determine the relative proportion of children and young people aged up to 21 years with moderate to severe psoriasis in the BIOBADADERM registry and to analyze the characteristics of these patients, treatments used, and adverse events. Of the 3946 patients in the registry, 24 were aged 21 years or younger. The mean age of this group when they started treatment upon registration on Biobadaderm was 16.1 years and the mean Psoriasis Area and Severity Index was 9.4. In 67% the first treatment recorded was with a conventional systemic drug. Treatment was discontinued in 14 patients (58%) due to adverse events or a loss or lack of effectiveness. In conclusion, the BIOBADADERM registry shows that young people account for a small proportion of psoriasis patients receiving systemic treatment, and they are more likely to be treated using conventional systemic drugs.

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