[Translated article] Epidemic Scabies: New Treatment Challenges in an Ancient Disease

Epidemia de escabiosis: los nuevos retos de una enfermedad ancestral

Scabies which is among the most prevalent diseases worldwide, is becoming more frequent in Spain. The problems of this epidemic can be explained by several factors: improper application or prescription of treatments, resistance or reduced sensitivity to topical treatments, and poor understanding of the parasite and contagion. We require a new evidence-based approach to therapy that takes these problems into consideration. If symptoms persist after proper treatment, it is important to identify the reason for failure and standardize our approach. In refractory cases, the prescriber should prioritize oral medication, indicate a higher dose, combine treatments, or evaluate the use of off-label treatments in certain populations. The availability of new medications, such as spinosad or, especially, moxidectin, offer hope for bringing this disease under control.

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