[Translated article] Current State of Skin Cancer Prevention: A Systematic Review

Situación actual de la prevención del cáncer de piel: una revisión sistemática

Skin cancer deaths continue to rise despite the implementation of numerous preventive campaigns and programs. The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate reviews of primary and secondary skin cancer prevention strategies as reported over the past 10 years. We analyzed 63 systematic reviews and meta-analyses: 30 (46.6%) addressing primary interventions and 35 (55.6%) addressing secondary interventions. Two of the reviews covered both. The most widely reported primary prevention approaches were education programs (63.3%), followed by risk modeling to identify individuals at high risk for melanoma (17.6%), and the promotion of sunscreen use (11.8%). The most widely reported secondary prevention measures concerned imaging systems for early skin cancer detection (40%), smartphones and new technologies (22.9%), and visual diagnosis in population-based screening (17.4%). The most effective measures were primary prevention education programs to improve sun protection habits.

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