[Translated article] Comparison of 2 Anesthetic Techniques in Onychocryptosis Surgery of the Great Toe: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Comparación de 2 técnicas de bloqueo anestésico en el tratamiento quirúrgico de onicocriptosis del primer dedo del pie

Background and objective

Surgery for an ingrown toenail of the great toe is a common procedure that requires an anesthetic neuromuscular blockade of the entire digit. Various digital block techniques have been described, but no evidence-based recommendations on the best choice have emerged. We aimed to compare the V block to the H block in this type of surgery.

Material and methods

Multicenter randomized clinical trial in patients undergoing onychocryptosis surgery between February 2018 and February 2020. We recorded sex, age, foot intervened, type of blockade used (H block or V block), efficacy 10 and 20min after injection of the anesthetic, and number of attempts.


A total of 140 surgeries to treat ingrown toenails were assigned to 2 groups (H block or V block) of 70 patients each. The same anesthetic, dose, and volume were used in all cases. The V technique produced a better neuromuscular block in 7.2% more cases at 10min and in 12.8% more at 20min.


Both block techniques are safe and effective. The V block is a good alternative to the H block in patients undergoing surgery to treat an ingrown toenail.

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