POEMS syndrome in Colombia: Clinical findings, therapeutic options and outcomes in a case series

El síndrome POEMS en Colombia: allazgos clínicos, opciones terapéuticas y resultados de una serie de casos


POEMS syndrome is a paraneoplastic syndrome associated with a clonal plasma cell neoplasm, in general is a rare disease and its descriptions are based on series and case reports.


To describe the clinical features and outcomes in a case series of patients with POEMS syndrome.

Material and methods

Patients who met the diagnostic criteria for POEMS syndrome proposed by Dispenzieri were selected. These patients came from the medical consultation of different neurologists specialized in neuromuscular pathology in the period from 2005 to 2021; likewise, a review of the Colombian literature of all published cases of patients with diagnosis of POEMS syndrome was performed. As a result, 16 cases of patients with this diagnosis were collected and reviewed.

Discussion and conclusion

The symptoms, clinical course and treatment of our case series are similar to those published in the global literature. Early diagnosis and active treatment significantly modify the progression of the disease, as well as its overall prognosis. Patients with longer survival and lower disease burden were those who received adjuvant treatment with autologous stem cell transplantation.

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