Development, validation and transfer to clinical practice of a mobile application for the treatment of smoking

Desarrollo, validación y transferencia a la práctica clínica de una aplicación móvil para el tratamiento del tabaquismo


The main objective is to transfer to clinical practice a new smoking cessation application (“Vive sin Tabaco” a) in all health centers of the public Basque Health Service.


An implementation study of a smoking cessation program previously validated. After implementation, a retrospective study has been carried out to evaluate its use under normal conditions.


The process of transfer to clinical practice has been held in several phases; first a pilotage in four health centers of Alava and subsequently, when all reported incidents were resolved, it was extended to all health centers of the Basque Health Service.

Intervention and main measurement

Development of “Vive sin Tabaco”; a corporate tool for smoking cessation, and its transfer to clinical practice. All interested health care workers received training on how to use the application. User manuals for both patients and professionals were developed. Smoking cessation rates at 12 months during implementation were also collected.


The percentage of patients of post pilot phase who quit smoking at 12 months was 14.1%.


The conception of “Vive sin tabaco” as a corporate tool for smoking cessation, available in all health centers of Basque Health Service, has been long and arduous, and has required the participation of health professionals and patients as end-users in order to obtain a tool that adapts to their expectations and guarantees greater usability and satisfaction. This application is being effective as an adjuvant tool to health advice.

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