[Translated article] Oral Findings in Patients With COVID-19

Hallazgos bucales en pacientes COVID-19

The aim of this study was to describe oral lesions in a group of patients with COVID-19. We recruited 55 patients, 25 women (45.5%) and 30 men (54.5%), aged between 1 and 89 years with confirmed COVID-19 at different stages of severity. After obtaining informed consent, we examined their mouths and recorded clinical findings. Forty percent of the patients had at least 1 oral lesion. The most common lesions were candidiasis and ulcers (7 patients each); 2 patients had enanthems. Geographic tongue and caviar tongue were also observed. Altered taste, dry mouth, and painful/burning mouth were noted in 60%, 27.3%, and 36.4% of patients, respectively. Oral mucosal alterations and lesions were prevalent in this series of COVID-19 patients. Altered taste and a painful/burning mouth were common symptoms.

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