The socioformative rubrics in the OSCE to assess the level of achievement of the competencies comprising the profile of the physician graduate

La ECOE con rúbricas socioformativas para valorar el nivel de logro de las competencias que integran el perfil del médico graduado


One of the challenges for teachers in the health area is competency assessment. The OSCE is designed to assess the performance of students in specific clinical situations. The objective of this study was to assess the level of achievement of the competencies proposed in the graduates' profile by applying the OSCE with socioformative rubrics and assessing their relationship with the written final exam and the general average of the degree.


A cross-sectional study was carried out with graduates of the career of medicine; in which an OSCE was applied as part of its degree exam. The rubrics were the instrument that was applied to assess competencies.


The significant differences between the students who applied the OSCE in the month of January compared to May, were also observed in the results of the written exam, which indicates that the students of the 4th. OSCE developed in better way their skills during their training process. The correlational analysis highlights a significant positive correlation between the average of the OSCE and the average of the written exam of the students, which makes it clear that an adequate performance in the written exam that assesses the theoretical knowledge is related to an adequate performance in the clinical skills demonstrated in the OSCE.


The OSCE, is an objective and reliable test, suitable as part of the professional exam of the career of medicine; with the use of the rubric, it is possible to determine the level of achievement with which the student graduates.

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