Series of Fourteen Cases of Topical Imiquimod 5% in Lentigo Maligna: Treatment Modalities and Clues for Detecting Recurrences

Serie de 14 casos de tratamiento con imiquimod tópico al 5% en lentigo maligno: modalidades terapéuticas y claves para detectar recidivas

Topical imiquimod has been used off-label as monotherapy or adjuvant treatment for lentigo maligna. Our aim is to describe treatment modalities, clinical outcomes, and management of recurrence in patients receiving imiquimod for lentigo maligna.

Patients from our unit with lentigo maligna or lentigo maligna melanoma treated with imiquimod 5% as monotherapy or in combination with surgery were included in this study.

Fourteen cases were recruited (85.7% lentigo maligna and 14.3% lentigo maligna melanoma). Eight patients (57.1%) received imiquimod without surgery, and six (42.9%) underwent narrow excision before beginning treatment. During the follow-up period, pigmentation reappeared in 6 patients (4 postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and 2 relapses). Relapses were managed with very narrow excision (1mm margin) and retreatment with imiquimod 5%.

All imiquimod modalities showed well-tolerated side effects and low recurrence rates, with long periods of follow-up. Imiquimod appears to be a versatile option for treating LM in suitable candidates.

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