Knowledge of COVID-19 and prevention measures among university workers. Identification of subgroups through cluster analysis

Conocimiento sobre la COVID-19 y medidas de prevención entre trabajadores universitarios. Identificación de subgrupos mediante análisis de conglomerados


The knowledge of COVID-19 and the recommended preventive measures for controlling the disease have been widely studied in the general population, but little is known about whether the University workers as educators and transmitters of knowledge have appropriate knowledge and take preventive measures for COVID-19. This study aims to analyze the knowledge of COVID-19 and the recommended preventive measures in university workers, to identify groups according to the preventive practices they adopt, and to analyze the factors associated with these practices.

Material and methods

A cross-sectional study was conducted on 677 university workers in the University of Cádiz, Spain. A questionnaire with sociodemographic variables, housing, health conditions, knowledge of COVID-19 and preventive measures were administered. The information was collected between 8th and 22nd April, 2020. A cluster analysis was performed to identify subgroups depending on the preventive measures. Associated factors were tested with binary logistic regression.


Two groups were identified. Group 1 included 513 subjects who took preventive measures most frequently (means 2.59-4.83). Group 2 included 164 subjects who took preventive measures less frequently (means 1.59-4.22). Men (OR=1.39), the Teaching and research personnel (OR=1.49) and individuals with a chronic illness (OR=1.60) were more likely to belong to the group 2. Those with more knowledge about isolation prevention (OR=0.167) and early treatment (OR=0.665) were more likely to belong to group 1.


In order to reduce the transmission of the disease, it is necessary to promote the knowledge and use of preventive measures among the group of individuals identified as less engaged in preventive measures.

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