Olmesartan-induced enteropathy

Enteropatía inducida por olmesartán

The association between sprue-like enteropathy and olmesartan is described in recent literature and is an entity that manifests with chronic diarrhea and should be considered in its differential diagnosis. Olmesartan is a commonly used antihypertensive and the recognition of this entity may reduce the overuse of expensive complementary means of diagnosis. We present 2 cases of chronic diarrhea without blood, one with severe metabolic acidemia that motivated intensive care and renal replacement therapy. No evidence of infection, negative stool cultures, anti-transglutaminase was negative. In both cases, there were no macroscopy alterations, and biopsy was performed in one of the cases. It was considered olmesartan-associated enteropathy, and with its suspension, the clinic did not recur. Being a reversible side effect of a common drug, we should consider their suspension before initiating an extensive investigation of chronic diarrhea.

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