Cemiplimab in Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Real-World Experience in a Monographic Oncology Center

Cemiplimab en el carcinoma de células escamosas cutáneo avanzado: experiencia del mundo real en un centro oncológico monográfico

Management of advanced cSCC is challenging, and many available systemic medications have modest efficacy. Cemiplimab has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of advanced cSCC in clinical trials, but real-world data are still limited. With the objective of evaluating the efficacy of cemiplimab in a real-world clinical setting, we conducted a prospective observational study of 13 patients with advanced cSCC. Six patients (46%) had locally advanced disease, while 7 (54%) had metastatic disease. A total of 8 patients (62%) responded to cemiplimab. Five (38%) showed a partial response, while 3 (23%) showed a complete response. Four patients with an initial partial response presented subsequent disease progression during follow-up. Six patients (46%) developed AEs, most of which were mild (G1). PFS was 5.9 months, with a median follow-up was 9 months. In conclusion, cemiplimab demonstrated its utility in the treatment of advanced cSCC, with acceptable response rates, a remarkable number of complete responses, and a very good safety profile.

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